Egyptian Lebanese company for Marble & Granite
Marble Cutting

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The process of cutting large block into slabs or tile is very imperative and arduous phase to get finish marble. Marble is softer than granite. But it is one of the hardest stone. The tools (blade, saw and cutter) are used for marble cutting, must be consists of diamond due to high hardness of marble. Cutter disk, diamond gang saw are Main machines that used for marble cutting. The components cutting machinery are must have long life feature owing to marble hardness. The operation of cutting the large blocks into large slabs and small tiles cutting is very crucial phase of finish marble processing.

Granite Cutting

Granite is hardest stone. There are different cutting tools that are used in Granite cutting; these are Bridge saw, diamond saw, diamond blades. Granite is most suitable building stone. It needs to be cut in various form according to use. Bridge saw used for cut the blocks of granite into proper slices. These slices can be both large and small pieces, called slabs. Diamond blades are best suitable for granite cutting due to hardness. Diamonds Drill Bits, diamond saw and diamond blade are used for granite cutting.

Dressing of blocks

Dressing of blocks: In the mining process block are extractions from quarry with the help of gang saw and some other tools. Then these blocks are sent for dressing. In dressing processing unit, these blocks are cuts into almost finish block shape.

Disk Cutter

Disk cutters used for enhance the cutting quality of stone. In this process cutter penetration cylinder supports the cutter penetration spacers which hold the cutter and load cell. With cuter spacing cylinder rock blocks moves in rock box on sled.

Diamond Gang saw

Diamond saw blades are best for marble cutting. The diamond blades tool can be attached to disc grinders. In the processing unit, blocks get cut down into smaller pieces. After dressing the blocks, blocks are processed in gang saw diamond. A gang saw works as piece slicer. It has many adjustable blades consist of segments. The blades permit the adjustment according to slab thickness. The multi blade gang saw is new cutting machine with latest technology.
Gang saw machine is widely used for cutting and exacta sizing stone. It made of high quality stainless steel. . Average length of blades run from 12 to 15 feet. For perfect rectilinear process of the blade rack, a couple of rods are attached at ends of blade rack.